Selected students can now access free academic preparation, pre-departure and employability skills training, supporting your entry to ANU.

How it works

Whether it is pre-departure assistance, academic preparation or some skills to find part-time work while studying that you need, Successful Graduate programs can help.

They can also help improve your transition to ANU.

The university empowers its students and graduates to build their professional networks during their studies with a range of social, academic and career opportunities, as well as clubs and societies, plus a career advisory service that will help you build a rewarding career after graduation.

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Learn how you can register for our courses, and progress on your learning journey towards your microcredential certificate.

National Microcredentials Framework

  • Our courses meet the standards defined in the National Microcredentials Framework.
  • Each course is designed to take you between 5 and 25 hours to complete.
  • Learning outcomes are listed on each course registration page, helping you to understand the content of each microcredential.
  • Quiz assessments for each module lead to the attainment of defined learning outcomes for each course.
  • Meet the standards of the Australian Curriculum: General Capabilities, National Microcredentials Framework and Australian Core Skills Framework.
  • Layered achievement levels that recognise scaffolded learning.
  • Recognised by employers as employability microcredentials.
  • Developed and delivered in an educationally sound manner for learners.
  • Academic integrity applied to course design and delivery.

Guiding you to develop capabilities that contribute to your employability.

We want Australian National University students to develop their employability through experiential learning and reflection, articulation of their value proposition, and transfer of their capabilities to new contexts.

Online training that works

Individual training accounts provide self-paced employability skills development.

Become competitive

Did you know that there is only 1 job for every 22 graduates in Australia? Learn how to beat your competition in the job market.

Employability skills

We will teach you how to identify your personality type, core values and soft skills, enabling you to properly market yourself to an employer.

Do what you love

By learning more about yourself, you will also identify the types of jobs and employers that you are more likely to enjoy.

We empower students to enhance their university preparation by developing the mindsets and capabilities to succeed in any path they choose.

What is employability?

It’s not just about employment, its about the ability to perform effectively, contribute to society, and communicate your value proposition to others.

Why is it so important to develop my employability?

The world of work is changing, and a degree is no longer the only passport to a successful career. You’ll need to know how to differentiate yourself and add value beyond your studies.

How will you empower and set me up for lifelong success?

We will show you how to unlock the value in your experiences and articulate this to future employers.